Pros and Cons of Watch Winder—Do You Really Need the Best Watch Winder Safe?

If you have an automatic watch, you definitely have heard many people tell you to purchase the best watch winder safe. But is that really necessary? Here are some pros and cons of a watch winder to make sure you can make the best decision.


  • Better Protection for Your Watch

A watch winder safe is basically a storage box. When you put your timepiece into a safe place, it will be protected from dust, dirt, oils, and scratches. You can save yourself a trip to the maintenance place if you keep your watch clean.

Besides, a watch winder is pretty. Luxury watch winder that cost thousands can make the surrounding, and also your watches look better than ever. This is a must-have for automatic watch collectors and enthusiasts.

  • Say Goodbye to Manual Winding

The most exhausting thing about having a manual watch, you have to make sure that it is running before you wear it, especially if you haven’t wear it for days. When the watch is not running, you have to wind it manually. For some types of watches, manual winding is very difficult if you don’t understand how the mechanism works.

If you have a watch winder, you don’t have to worry about this. You only have to put the watch inside, adjust the TPD according to your watch type, and voila! The watch will keep running even when you don’t wear it.


  • The Price Tag

Many people refrain from purchasing a winder because it is expensive. The best watch winder safe with excellent quality can cost thousands of dollars and some people simply don’t want to spend money for this.

Of course, you can opt to purchase a cheap watch winder, but you need to be careful of its quality. Some cheaper winders are lacking in function and quality of material compared to the pricier ones. It is important to do thorough research before purchasing one.

  • Risk of Over-Wound

Even though it is very helpful, there is a risk of over-wounding when you are using a winder. Keeping the watch constantly in motion can compromise the mechanic of the watch. Sooner or later the parts will wear out and this is not something you want.


Do you think you need to have a winder? Well, you’ll be the judge. But if you decide that you need one, make sure to buy the best watch winder safe to keep your watches in a good condition.