3 Main Features in A Rolex Automatic Watch Winder You Have To Know to Get the Best Winder

Learning the features of a Rolex automatic watch winder is a way to find the best. You will also understand whether a specific watch winder is suitable for your Rolex watches or not. At least, there are three features you have to check while selecting a watch winder. 

Rotor Winding Direction 

Rotor winding direction is an important element in a watch winder. It helps you to know whether a specific wind has a clockwise, counterclockwise, or bi-directional. Then, you can pick the best winder based on the Rolex watches you have. For example, most Rolex watches have 650 TPD or Turns per Day. This type of watch often has a bi-directional motor. As a result, you can pick a watch winder with a bi-directional motor

Turns per Day 

TPD or Turns per Day is another feature you have to check anytime you buy a Rolex automatic watch winder. Ensure the minimum TPD the winder has because it varies depending on the winder itself. Some watch winders have 750 TPD or turns per day. On the other hand, most Rolex watches have 650 TPD. The TPD keeps your Rolex watches 100% wound even if you don’t wear them.      

The Manual and Automatic System 

You may use the automatic or programmable watch winder. Both of them are good. Those who are new to the watch winder can use the automatic system. It means you don’t need to manually set the TPD. A programmable watch winder is also a good option. This product is more versatile. Indeed, you can set the TPD and winding direction based on the watch you want to put there. This winder is more flexible in case you have a variety of watches with different specifications. 

You will get the right Rolex automatic watch winder if you know the features above. The watch winder you choose determines the performance of the Rolex watches. Putting a watch in a winder seems useless if you choose the wrong winder.